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Soup 13 – Rocket soup with Kiln – smoked salmon

The book says: Kiln- smoked salmon has actually been ‘cooked’ during the smoking process, producing a delicious flaky texture. This is in contrast to traditional cold smoked salmon, which is not actually cooked but does not spoil because it has been preseved in brine.

So ‘The book’ is pretty vague about the actual soup in its description and concentrates entirely on the salmon, which is really just a garnish. THERE IS A REASON FOR THIS.

SO what has happened since I last posted? Not a great deal i’m afraid, one big thing is that I invented a new THING at work. I call it THE ELEPHONE aka THE TELEPHANT…

"Hello?...Sorry I can't talk right now, i'm a little bit TRUNK" ;-);-);-);-P" Rofl, lmfao.

Now I know it looks shop bought, but honestly, I hand crafted it myself. I can make more as well, all I need is for you to find an elephant toy which has been callously discarded by a child in Finsbury park and a phone and you can have one too!

Also I have decided to take my blog a little more seriously and have purchased, mothersouperior.co.uk outright. Someone had already nabbed mothersouperior.com but am preparing myself for url wars with this a) actual soup loving nun or b) dyslexic nun when their website registration is up for renewal. For the mean time, welcome to the new and not really improved, and not really new MOTHERSOUPERIOR.CO.UK!

So on with the soup. I was expecting it to be delicious, classy, decadent. This monster I created was a bitter, inedible, green hell. What’s more, it was expensive, involving 8 bags of waitrose organic rocket AND smoked salmon. My housemate, the delectable Leyla Turkoglu, who likes horrible things like, black coffee (no sugar-what!), unenjoyably dark chocolate and victorian herbal sweets could not stomach this soup. I tried to savour some of my precious salmon from this witches brew but most of it disintegrated under the tap…that’s right.

I would only take my coffee like this if I was drinking it up MY ASS.

No one cares about the benefits for their heart when they're chowing down on chox

Not a sweet in my eyes.

So I think it’s safe to say that this was a bit of a disappointment but I have managed to move on. This one was returned to the earth. You never know, you might like it…BUT YOU WON’T LIKE IT. I usually take pictures of my soups for the blog but I can’t seem to find a picture of this one, this might be because I was too distraught at the time to take one, or I feared that it might melt the camera lens with its acrid pong. I’ve put together an artist’s impression of what this soup looked like:

Yeah so I'm not an artist ok.

Cost: 8 pound signs out of 10
Tastiness: 1 tongues out of 10 (1 tongue for the salmon)
Complexity: 5 Labyrnths out of 10
Overall: 1 Ladles out of 10

Olive oil
Double cream
Veg stock
Salt n Pepper (ah push it)
Smoked salmon

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