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Soup 10-Poverty Onion Soup

Well Hello there, this soup here is one I made purely for cheapness, the only ingredients it really requires are onions and water. It’s about one step up from the soup the Buckets eat in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, maybe only half a step up actually.

So no, you haven’t been teleported back to wartime, you don’t have to get your ration card out. Basically of late Mother S has been offering her services to (apparently) the lowest bidder and working for free in the hope of getting a wondrous career where she can eat and write about it all day long. It’s a wonderful kind of life really, sitting in cafes and jotting down ideas in a Moleskine notebook which is intermittently peppered with blind ,breathless panics, sometimes I get these panics confused with just drinking too many coffees.

Stress! Wine. Stress! Wine.

So I wanted to feed myself during this time as cheaply as possible and turned to the ever trusty onion

Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful?

1 pound for a kilo and I probably could have gotten them cheaper if i’d bothered to look further than the nearest sainsbury’s.

Here’s a little pic of the finished product:

Oh dear, looks like a dirty toilet.

So yes, it doesn’t look fantastic and to be honest with you it didn’t taste fantastic either but it didn’t taste bad and the point is, it’s really healthy and really cheap. I found the recipe here, Delia does an onion soup as well but it involves sherry and all sorts of fancy things, in this recipe I swapped Sherry for some really old red wine we had lying around in our kitchen. Seemed to work just fine.

Cost: 1 pound signs out of 10
Tastiness: 4 tongues out of 10
Complexity: 2 Labyrnths out of 10
Overall: 5 Ladles out of 10

But don’t worry about Mutti Suppe meine Kinder I’ll be back up to my eyeballs in truffle oil and canapes soon enough. I’m sure. Stress, wine, stress, wine.

Stay posted for my first COLD SOUP, coming soon.


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