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Soup 1- Mulligatawny Soup

The book says: Mulligatwny (which literally means ‘pepper water’) was introuduced into England in the late 18th Century by members of the colonial services returning home from India.

Right from the outset this soup was a challenge.

After purchasing what I thought were all the ingredients, I realised I had overlooked red lentils, which Leyla told me were an intergral part of this recipe. I decided to replace these with a tin of chopped tomatoes, which if nothing else created the characteristic red mulligatawny hue that we all know and love, if none of the actual taste. To beef it out a bit I added some pasta twists which did achieve this beefing aim but also did go a bit slimy due to overcooking. When I finished chopping all the bits for the soup I then realised it had to simmer for an hour and a quarter, this realisation came at 10pm, the mulligatawny was starting to show me why it is often known to soup lovers as one of most testing soups to make, not only in terms of the extensive ingredients list but also the cooking duration. After an hour and a quarter of simmering, the chicken had to be removed from the bone and re-added to the soup and returned to boiling. At around midnight, it was complete.

n.b I also did not have any cloves, so those were omitted and I just used ground peppercorns instead of whole pepper corns, we’re unsure if therefore it can truly be a mulligatawny but have re-named this version mulligalawzy or muldoonigatawny.

Verdict: The soup turned out to be delicious, very hearty and warming on a cold winter’s day. It had a sort of curried sweet taste, a little like coronation chicken and “buddery”(buttery). *edit* Leyla thinks it’s nicer than coronation chicken-something which she hates.

Leyla rating: 9 ladels out of 10
Laura rating: 8 ladels out of 10

Curry Powder
Black peppercorns
Chicken stock
Salt and pepper

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