About Ma Soup

Mother Souperior was created by freelance writer Laura Muldoon back in 2010 entirely by accident after making comfort food to heal a broken heart and posting it on Facebook. What started as a joke soon snowballed as the people cried out for more soup! Most of the recipes come from ‘The Book’ which is actually a soup recipe book which I am hesitant to name in case I get done for copywright infringement. For argument’s sake let’s just called ‘400 froups by Franne Freasby’ but some recipes are also made up and from other sources. For the record can it also be noted that I had NEVER seen the film Julie and Julia before creating this blog. If anything, SHE COPIED ME.

About Laura Muldoon

Laura Muldoon is a freelance writer. Here is an extract from her (currently unpublished and unwritten) autobiography:

The Wonder Years -Ponies, Take That and Trumpeting disappointments

Born in Oxford, I spent an inordinate amount of my childhood mucking out my horse and talking to it like a human, stashing cheese in my pockets to avoid eating it and kissing pictures of Take That. At age 9 I was told during my first trumpet lesson that my potentially glittering trumpet career was already over, as my teeth were too bucked to make it play. Five years of painful orthodentistry laid in wait and I never played the trumpet again.

The awkward phase– Goodbye personal safety, Hello comprehensive school

At 14 I had to leave private school and attend the local comprehensive a la Will from The Inbetweeners and faced similar derision regarding my sartorial choices, including my love of pulled up socks and quality satchels. I lost myself in sports, probing teachers for personal revelations under the guise of a Desert Island Disc style feature I did for the school magazine and the German language. My constant defending of my choice to study “Nazi studies” to my peers (their words not mine) bonded me to the quirky, glottal heavy Sprache. I know it’s ugly but someone’s got to love it right?

The lost years- Uni, cash in the attic and my time as a hack

Uni came as a shock to me and I dropped out after the first term to take stock of if it was what I really wanted. After a year out, I returned and finished my degree, throwing myself into hockey, German theatre and making journalistic waves with my newspaper piece exposing the Vice Chancellor as earning more money than Tony Blair and breaking a story about Westlife popping into our local chippy.

Into the real world– “It’s grim up north!”

After uni I moved up north to Manchester with, a lover. I should have known the North/South divide would eventually come between us … I joined 3663, a food distribution company as an account executive but this was to be short lived and after 6 months I travelled to America for one of the hardest summers of my life so far, waiting tables, chasing that elusive big tipper. Anyone for a refill? Have a nice day now!

A leap of faith– From NHS to HRH of shops

I moved to London on returning from America and found a room on the Holloway Road, the only place I have been, where it is totally acceptable to wear pyjamas and a snood, with or without an accordion, to the shops, and started working for the NHS at a hospital in Hampstead. The hospital was a place of extremes, happiness and sadness, kindness and greed, life and death. I left this job that mattered to join a comms agency on Tottenham Court Road, this experience led me to realise that I wanted to work for myself and become a writer. And here I am!

Laura is a regular contributor for DIVA magazine, Themostcake.co.uk and ShinyShiny and is available for all manner for writing and copywriting jobs.

For more information on Mother Souperior, Laura or anything really please e-mail me at ljmuldoon@googlemail.com, check out my writing portfolio at Lauramuldoon.com or leave a comment below. I also take soup requests!

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