Soup 11- Gazpacho without Avocado Salsa

The book says: Tomatoes, cucumber and peppers form the basis of this classic chilled soup. Add a spoonful of chunky, fresh avocado salsa and a scattering of croutons, and servce for a light lunch or simple supper on a warm Summer day.

Nervous about this one

So here it is, the season’s have changed and so have the soups. My first ever ‘chilled soup’ is upon us and it was with trepidation with which I approached what is undoubtedly the most famous of all the chilled soups, the Gazpacho.

The first thing I need to say about this soup is that there was no accompanying avocado salsa, as brother souperior ate the avocado, but he did also help me with this one and has done a helpful ‘reaction cam’ which i’ll insert at the end, so i’ll forgive him just this once. The second thing is it there was no ‘scattering’ of croutons as…well, enough about that.

The first part of making the soup involved soaking bread, this just brought back horrible school science lesson memories where we once had to a chew a small piece of bread for a minute, spit it out and cover it with iodine. Absolutely foul yeast smell. I decided in my head I already hated gazpacho.

Moist Yeast

Intense peeling, deseeding and chopping of tomatoes followed this, which was quite tedious and slimy but I am starting to see chopping reveal itself as an ongoing theme of soup-making, so I guess I better get used to it; until I mobilise my army of chopping helper monkeys of course. You need to chop up cucumber too, the cucumber adds an amazingly fresh flavour and lemon, lime and chilli adds a little kick and bit to the soup. After you’ve added all the ingredients you just whiz it up and it’s done! No simmering or waiting. It suggests you chill it for a few hours and then garnish with….ice cubes! Cute. Here’s the reaction cam below from my brother Dan.

Off camera it was also exclaimed, “It’s tastes like a smoothie, a smoothie!” and it did, a tomato, cucumber smoothie. I remember being younger and hearing about Gazpacho and that it was a kind of cold tomato soup and envisioning a chilly bowl of that horrible gelatinous heinz cream of tomato soup but this was far from that. A really interesting, complex taste and a sort of crunchy texture (make sure not to over whiz or this will be lost). I added salt, pepper and tabasco sauce and a bit of sugar, our of fear of acidity (see the tomato and coriander soup entry for why)

MS recommends Gazpacho best enjoyed with lesbians in knitwear

What a tupper 'mare!

Cost: 3 pound signs out of 10
Tastiness: 7 tongues out of 10
Complexity: 5 Labyrnths out of 10
Overall: 6 Ladles out of 10

In other mother news, I still have not found (monetry) gainful employment but am hoping to do so before I’m 30. It’s good to have goals….

mwah mwah mwah darlinks!



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2 responses to “Soup 11- Gazpacho without Avocado Salsa

  1. Howart

    I’ve always wanted to try a cold soup but have been too suspicious of them, but your recipe and blog has intrigued me and I think I will give Gazpacho a go.
    P.S. Could you add vodka and have yourself a kind of Bloody Mary soup?

    • Hi Howart! Thanks for stopping by! Yeah I think there is actually a bloody Mary soup, maybe i’ll make it for a party soon! Def give gazpach a go and you can take it to the See!! Lecker! xx MS

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