Soup 9- “Wolf Soup” with Pistou

The book says:….Nothing! The following recipe is not in fact from ‘The Book’ of 400 soups which I usually take my soups from, it was in fact cleverly adapted by my good ginger friend Rosa Wolf. Due to this fact I have christened this soup ‘Wolf Soup’. It’s essentially a vegetable soup but don’t let that put you off, it turned out to be very wonderful…

Don't take the pistou

The original recipe contained about 10 different vegetables. Rosa took this down to a more manageable amount which was better because I can vouch that this soup is very CHOP heavy. Everything you add needs to be ‘diced’ and a good knife is a must otherwise this will get very tiresome, very quickly.

The soup contains a LOT of garlic, over a head in fact but you must face this with courage and conviction soup warriors. Put your faith in the recipe, forget the bad breath and keep in mind the benefits for your heart! The garlic tastes fantastic going in and sort of warms the whole dish with its deliciousness. After about ten minutes the honeymoon does end and you get stuck with that sort of rotting taste in your mouth that only really strong garlic leaves but…what goes up must come down. It’s worth it. It’s crucial that you adhere closely to the cooking times with this as many vegetable soups have a tendency to descend into a sort of mush (let’s save that for grandfather’s soup…).

This soup is served with a pistou which, for you neanderthals that don’t know, is pesto without the pine nuts. (I only found this out when Rosa told me). It was so simple to make and I thought it would be…fiddly but it just made the dish. The parmesan which was added made it all salty and lovely which really contrasted to the wholesome vegetables. I think the pistou would work really well just added to fresh pasta. The only downpoint to the pistou was that it seemed to leave a sort of parmesanny film on my teeth, so as you can imagine I was feeling really sexy at this point with my cheesy teeth and death garlic breath.

So now we get to the crux of the matter: How DID the Wolf soup taste?

Chow Down

I LOVED this soup and it seemed to get a great reception from my friends as well. I was pretty on edge after Harry’s rejection of the grandfather soup and really wanted to impress. Luckily, my efforts (and Rosa’s brilliant adaptation) resulted in Harry saying it was the “best soup” she had “ever tasted”. EVEN in a restaurant…her words people…not mine…It was great though, every vegetable stood out on their own and it was really fun to eat, however silly that sounds because it has a few different elements to it, beans, “veggies’ and the pistou. Also it was very healthy, with almost no fat in it and it soothed me through a bout of flu. Is there anything this soup can’t do?? …Ok you’re not going to pull after eating it, but everything else..FINE.

Cost: 4 pound signs out of 10
Tastiness: 8 tongues out of 10
Complexity: 5 Labyrnths out of 10
Overall: 7 Ladles out of 10

Recipe to follow…..


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3 responses to “Soup 9- “Wolf Soup” with Pistou

  1. Leyls

    post recipe asap. perhaps it’s the pine nut element of pesto I don’t like. maybe i’m a pistou person…?

  2. Howart

    Wow, I must be a neanderthal, never heard of ‘pistou’ until now. Thank you for enlightening me. I too would very much like to see this recipe posted. Love the soup blog x

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