Soup 6- Leek and Thyme Soup

The Finished Article

The book says: This is a filling, heart-warming soup, which can be liquidised to a smooth puree or served as it is here, in it’s original peasant style.

Melt the butter then add the leeks and thyme

Add the potatoes and thyme and cover with cold water

So I saw Christmas to have great potential for soup-making, lots of food around the house including leftovers and of course the juicy bones and grey meat of the turkey. Unfortunately Grandmother Souperior (my mum) always makes the er…’family soup’ out of the turkey and this was one tradition that’s not going to change. Unfortunately ‘family soup’ consists of throwing everything left over from Christmas into one pot and boiling it into oblivion, including brussels which we already know only need to look at water before wilting and stinking. So…essentially the soup smells of farts and so does our whole house, this is one family heirloom I do NOT want to inherit but unfortunately my brother wolfs it down like one of Oliver Twist’s mates so it looks like it’s here to stay.
So long story short, I couldn’t make a turkey based soup. I was cooking this soup for my Dad who was heading out for a night shift- he’s Irish so I wanted to include some potatoes (Is this racist?- sorry) and he requested a chunky vegetable soup-luckily enough there is a whole chapter in ‘400 Soups’ called ‘Chunky vegetable Soups’!
The soup gave me a reason to leave the house for the first time in a few days which was unfortunate and I had the run the gauntlet of chavs around my dad’s house, including those mums that shout “FACKIN’ SHAT TAP” at their grubby-faced kids and a LOT of sale bags from Matalan (How does that even work? They give you money to take the stuff?). I sourced the ingreds without picking up any major alcohol or drug dependencies and headed home (my dad’s not a chav by the way but he lives near some, ALWIGHT!?

Mess up dad's kitchen

The soup itself was easy to make bwoy. It involved lots of butter, but they always seem to, that’s what makes them taste good. Leeks are one of my favourite ingredients  because of their subtle oniony flavours and also because they’re FACKIN’ CHEAP. Added in potatoes (these potatoes I used were not as fluffy as I would have liked- I used King Edwards- note to self, need to learn more about potatoes). They seemed a bit grainy to taste. Then all you do is add water and milk, salt and pepper, et voila! C’est Finit! We added a touch of double cream as a little treat!

It's all in the tasting

Y ¿cómo did es tasto?

On first impressions I thought this soup tasted a bit bland but I think that was just because it was at about 120 degrees in my mouth. My brother tasted it and loved but he has already admitted he’s not a very discerning taster as any food brings him pleasure, he said he would have preferred it pureed (like baby food- no need for chewing, or any kind of effort at all) but we had it peasant style, brilliant. For me it wasn’t outstanding at all but it filled a hole- but is that truly what eating is about? There were no leftovers so this must have been a good sign and my dad said it kept him fueled all through the night.

Cost:  2 pound signs out of 10
Tastiness: 5 tongues out of 10
Complexity: 3 labrynths out of 10
Overall: 5 Ladels out of 10

Selfish Dan: A happy customer



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4 responses to “Soup 6- Leek and Thyme Soup

  1. Floz

    My turkey soup recipe is sought after.Laura needs to try harder to appreciate it.

  2. Leyls

    considering your heritage, i would have expected a greater knowledge of potatoes. we need to stay away from waxy ones for soup. praps a maris piper next time? i like the look of this one.

  3. sarush

    all very interesting lawz. i must say i do appreciate a good soup and try and make myself a batch every week. however i feel that my efforts are overshadowed by you as i just make it out of whatever is in the fridge and use it as fuel to keep me going at lunchtime. afterall, i think we’ll all agree soup is FARKIN cheap.

  4. Sal

    Oh god, any soup would taste amazing after the horrors of the Matalan sale.
    And Laus, I did Mushroom soup yesterday and it’s amazing. I would say it’s way more an advanced level GCSE, perhaps pushing A Level.
    Fuckin lovin your fuckin work fuckin innit.

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