Soup 4- Cream of Spring Onion Soup

The book says: The oniony flavour if this soup is suprisingly delicate and relies on the use of a good-quality stock. It is equally delicious served hot or cold.

So after the last soup I was laid pretty low, wanting to chuck the soupy towel in really. I discarded the second half of the soup which I hate doing as it really is a waste of ingredients and hoped it didn’t do any long term damage to our drainage system also.

I decided to do this one because it really was just what we had already in the cupboards and it was a pretty lean week in terms of money. It was simple to make and seemed to be suitably comforting. One of the main ingredients is potatoes which was fine, except for the fact that we don’t yet have a potato peeler (please mum- avert your eyes from this, but if you must read, we also don’t have a jay cloth or a washing up bowl *GASPS*). I decided that as the potatoes had relatively thin skins, just to leave them on after a good scrubbing- I do enjoy a good scrub. This didn’t seem to make a difference to the outcome although did give it a sort of flecked appearance but I thought this looked nice and undoubtedly made a bit more healthy and fibrous?

Wie did es tasten? I hear you schreien!

Well, this soup was SOUPERB!! I literally ran it into leyla’s room and forced her to taste, I was so taken aback. I wasn’t expecting much from this humble soup but it really did deliver. I must admit that initially I said that I had a theory- a theory that simple soups could not reach the heady heights of the 9 or 10 out of 10 ladels rating as they just are too simple but I infact my admit I was wrong. Leyla, when I told her this rating theory said to me that soups with simple recipes and ingredients can be some of the HARDEST soups to master and I must say this is true. In the simplest soups with the fewest ingredients, the flavours cannot be hidden behind complex cooking techniques or exhaustive lists of herbs- they stand alone and therefore it’s hard to make them fulfil their full potential. This soup was creamy but not overly rich or decadent, it was tasty but relaxing and was great with a little bit of baguette. A great hangover cure, a one Laura Garnons-Williams said the soup “turned her day around” and she has to work until 7- so that is a longggg ass day to be turning. I was truly saddened when this soup came to an end and wanted to make another batch up straight away but I don’t think it would make a great blog if I made the same soup everyday…So i must say, farewell Cream of Spring onion soup…and onwards to the next soup…in leyla and laura’s soup ODYYYYYYSEEEEEEYYYYYYY.

Laura soup rating: 9.5 ladels out of 10
Leyla soup rating:


Small onion
Spring onions
Veg stock
Single cream
Lemon Juice
Salt and pepper
More spring onions to garnish


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2 responses to “Soup 4- Cream of Spring Onion Soup

  1. Wendy

    Splendid Mother Souperior. Going to give it a bash this week. xx

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