Soup 3- “Spicy” Tomato and Coriander Soup

The book says: Heart warming tomato soup is always a favourite. Deliciously spicy, it is also the perfect soup to prepare for a cold winter’s day.

OK so everything had been going fine with the soups, who could blame me for getting a little cocky? Let’s just say, good things certain do NOT come in threes. This soup was first of all long TINGS. I had to flash boil all the tomatoes (approximately a MILLION) and then peel them all. Note to reader (all one of you….mum), do not attempt to make these soups with tomatoes you buy in England, they’re all shite and tasteless. I can tell this soup would have been infinitely better if i’d just used basics tinned toms. As you can see it came out a paltry orange colour not the vibrant red that it is in the book and this was after I added a metric tonne of tom puree as well. SOB. This soup also involved adding cornflour to thicken. What happened next, I could have predicted as I have literally never got anything to thicken or “set” when instructed to in cookery books in my whole life and of course this bastard of a soup was no exception to this. So it wasn’t even comforting and thick. It was just thin and watery and when finally adding a cream swirl at the end, the cream just fell to the bottom….and curdled.

So that was the making, what about the taste! I hear you say…well…it was pretty bland. It did taste a little tomato-ey but not really, my taste buds really had to work full tilt to taste this and it is self-labelled as spicy?? It wasn’t spicy at all and I don’t really understand why they would even think it would be spicy as it has no spicy ingredients…strange. To top it all off this soup gave me SUCH awful heartburn to the extent that I had to get up in the night and rush to the kitchen to drink some milk to try and put out this fire in my chest- I really did feel like I was someone in a Rennie advert, but not the smug arsehole who has rennie, the stupid person who suffers and doesn’t have any Rennie. So when they said spicy, I don’t think they intended the acidic burning to be the “spice” …I hope and also I think they probably wanted the “spice” to be apparent to the consumer of the soup a bit sooner than five hours after ingestion. So in a word, I hated this soup. I even could only manage to eat half of it when I took it to work for lunch which left me hungry and dissatisfied all afternoon. HATE.

Laura soup rating: 1 ladel out of 10.
Leyla soup rating:


Veg oil
A bay leaf
spring onions
Crushed garlic
Black peppercorns
single cream

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