Soup 2- Mushroom Soup

The book says: Using a mixture of mushrooms give this soup character. This makes a flavoursome light meal served with fresh crusty bread.

After muldoonigatawny we decided to make a simpler soup, therefore a basic mushroom soup seemed like an obvious choice. It was pretty straightforward and the ingredients were cheap to buy. This was probably because I could only get my hands on the most common of all the mushrooms- the button mushroom. It probably would be tastier if you used a mixture like the book suggests but you may have aleady gathered I don’t give a shitting shit what the book says! F the police!…anyway. It turned out to be lovely, very simple but delicious flavours and has lasted leyla and I all week at work. Peeling the mushrooms was indeed quite long tings because there must ahve been about 40 mushrooms that went into it but it was worth it. I added parsley and chives which seemed to work.

So on with the rating. I have a theory that because it’s just a mushroom soup, it’s a bit like a foundation GCSE, maybe if there were such a thing as a soup gcse, mushroom soup would definitely be foundation level stuff. Therefore even at it’s very best I am going to have to give it:

Laura rating:6 out of 10 ladels
Leyla rating:7 out of 10 ladels

This isn’t to say it wasn’t great, i just don’t think it had the capacity and complexity to reach the heights of say….a mulligatawny.

Mixed mushrooms
White wine or dry cider
Good chicken stock
Fresh parsley
salt and pepper.

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